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Projects by Xero

The simple way to complete profitable projects

Xero Projects

Quote, track, invoice and get paid for jobs all within Xero, using Xero Projects - the all-in-one tool to track profitability on every job.

Real-time view of profitability

Monitor and track performance with an up-to-the-minute dashboard view so you keep jobs in budget and ensure every project is profitable.

Win new work with professional quotes

Estimate your time and costs, then send through a quote for approval in just a few clicks. Choose the exact level of detail you want to show your customers.

Streamlined time and cost tracking

Accurately track time on-the-go with stop-start timers and location-based tracking on mobile – no more chasing timesheets. Seamlessly link costs to projects so you know exactly where every dollar was spent.

Get invoicing right every time

With all your project information in one place, you can create fixed price, time and materials or progress payment invoices. Details can be uploaded automatically, saving you time and avoiding errors. 

Complete profitable work with your team

Manage workflows and collaborate
Xero Projects integrates with Trello so you can easily add time to a project directly from a Trello card, then invoice accurately within Xero. 

Ensure staff are working on the right things
See how your team’s time is spent on all projects with the Timesheets & Staff Time overview. 

See how staff costs impact your bottom line
Set an hourly cost rate for each staff member, so it’s easy to calculate overall profitability on a project.

Pay employees based on tracked time
Load time recorded in a project directly into Xero Payroll – avoiding duplication and ensuring staff members only record time once, in one place.

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