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Payroll Software

by Xero

Pay staff with ease

Payroll software for small business. Xero Payroll helps to simplify compliance by automating calculations and empowering your employees, giving you confidence in every pay run.

Payroll and business finances in one

Cloud payroll software that automatically updates your accounts in Xero – all under one login. 

Employee pay made easy

Payroll provides tools for tracking working hours and approving leave with controlled access for employees.

Get payday filing sorted with Xero

Payday filing is easy with Xero. Get online payroll sorted, stay compliant and file automatically to Inland Revenue. 

Power to your people

Give your employees self-service access from any device with the Xero Me mobile app for iOS and Xero Me app for Android. Xero Me makes it easy for employees to view their payslips, submit their timesheets and apply for leave.

Stay compliant

PAYE, ACC, KiwiSaver and student loan calculations are made easy for you. No need to install annual updates.

Make life simple with Xero’s payroll software

Flexible pay calendars

Choose how often employees are paid: weekly, monthly, fortnightly or twice a month.

Detailed payroll reports

Generate detailed reports for payroll history, bank transactions, payments, leave and more.

Multiple pay rates

Pay employees who wear multiple hats different rates based on the work they perform each pay period.

Flexible pricing

What you pay depends on the number of employees you’re paying.

Built-in timesheets

Employee hours seamlessly appear in pay runs for automated calculation and payment.

Collaborate on payroll

Invite your accountant, bookkeeper or other team members to view payroll information. You control their level of access.

Manage employee leave

Track and manage employee entitlements for leave and enable employees to request online or from their phone.

Record staff time, once

Load time recorded in Xero Projects directly into Xero Payroll, avoiding duplication and ensuring that staff members only record time once and in one place.

How much is Xero payroll?

Xero payroll costings depend on the number of users you pay.

Add $10/mo to pay one person, then $1/mo for each additional person, to a max of 200.

An active user is someone who is included in a payroll run at least once within a month. For example, if you pay two staff weekly, it will be counted as two active users.

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