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Easy-As Cloud Payroll

Calculate, pay and file in minutes.

Get your business running like clockwork with Nodo Group and PaySauce Payroll.

PaySauce is software for the human side of your business. Payroll, contracts, timesheets, leave management and payments, all from your mobile or computer.

Why we use PaySauce

Accounting and payroll go hand-in-hand and we've chosen to partner with the best payroll provider in NZ. PaySauce have a wide feature set which will complement your business and have your staff being paid accurately, faster and from anywhere!

Some PaySauce payroll features include:
  • Automated Banking & Filing
  • Timesheets via Mobile App
  • Custom Costings
  • Extensive Reports
  • Full Audit Log

Let us take care of your payroll

Our team have years of experience with payroll and can help ensure you remain compliant and your staff are paid accurately and on time.

Or if you'd rather do it yourself

No worries! Just contact us to set you up with a PaySauce Payroll account and we'll be happy to help you out!

How much is Paysauce?

The cost for Paysauce depends on the plan you choose but for 5 employees can be as little as $19.50+GST per payrun



  • Base of $7 for every 5 employees
  • +$2.50 per employee/run
  • Pay-as-you-go, No Pay, No Fee!
  • Timesheets included
  • Custom Costings included!

Is Starter right for me?

If you prefer pay-as-you-go, you can use our Starter plan, for $7 per pay run of 5 people, and $2.50 per payslip. For each bracket of 5 people, you’ll pay an additional $7 per pay run. This is ideal for smaller employers.

If you run a lot of pay cycles, you might be better off bumping up to Standard.


Subscription Payroll

  • $30 Base Cost per Month
  • + $5 per employee per month
  • Timesheets not included
  • Custom Costings not included

Is Standard Right for me?

If you’re a bigger business running frequent pay cycles, but you don’t need costing or timesheets, you’ll want to jump on the Standard plan, at $30 per month and $5 per head per month.


Subscription Payroll

  • $50 Base Cost per Month
  • + $6 per employee per month
  • Timesheets included
  • Custom Costings included
  • Custom Branded Payslips included!

Is Premium Right for me?

If you’re running a lot of pays and you need the full PaySauce feature set, including costing and timesheets, the Premium plan might be the best choice ($50 per month and $6 per head per month). These features make a major impact for businesses that need to track costings or gather timesheet data on the run.