Online SMS Gateway

Powered by the TNZ Group's SMS Gateway

Using TNZ's SMS services you can contact your team and customers on their mobile phone, wherever they are.

Initiate two way SMS conversations simply using your email client, our online dashboard or integrated into software using our APIs, with the mobile phone able to reply back.

TNZ's SMS Gateway coverage is not just limited to New Zealand and Australia but also reaches over 75% of the world. We cover 99.7% of Europe, along with 340 networks in 140 countries.

TNZ's SMS Gateway clients range from SMB to Enterprise companies, including NZ Government agencies. We commit ourselves to meet our customer requirements. Should you have any specific requirements get in touch

It costs less than you think!

Starting from as little as $20/per month for your account + SMS Transmission Fees

  • 11c/SMS Part Sent to NZ Mobiles
  • 12c/SMS Part Sent to AU Mobiles
  • 22c/SMS Part Sent to All Other Mobiles
  • FREE to receive replies to SMS

SMS Sending

SMS Broadcasting & Marketing

Send personalised Bulk SMS/TXT messages to a large group of mobiles


Send SMS/TXT messages using your email clients - Webmail, Outlook, Thunderbird & more


Send SMS/TXT messages using our web portal


Send pictures, videos, files and trackable short links inside SMS messages

Dedicated Short Codes

Get your own Short Code for text communication


Send A2P (Application to person) messages via REST API (JSON or XML), HTTP POST, SOAP, SMTP, FTP, .NET

Bulk SMS Gateway


SMS Receiving

Shared Short Codes - Keyword Campaigns

Keyword on 875 for text communication or marketing

Dedicated Short Codes

Get your own Short Code for text communication or marketing

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Dedicated Australian mobile numbers hosted by TNZ

SMS Use Cases

Emergency Management

Issue emergency alerts using TNZ SMS/TXT in seconds

Appointment Reminders and Rostering

Send rosters to your staff via SMS/TXT

Multi-Factor Authentication

Send secure one-time passwords (OTP) via SMS/TXT

Scheduled Recurring Messages

Automate your SMS/TXT reminders!