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IVR Voice Prompts

We've partnered with Gael Ludlow to offer professional voice recordings for your IVR

Professionally recorded IVR Voice Prompts

Put your best foot forward with professionally recorded IVR voice prompts for your IVR.  Our voice over Talent Gael Ludlow provides you with the platform to put your best foot forward by recording your IVR Messages on her professional recording setup.

Gael's instantly recognisable tones have been heard for decades in advertising, video production and phone systems for NZ companies. Increasingly, she's finding a market internationally as a voice over artist

 Gael uses her own professional equipment and also works with other studios. Her trusty recording gear always travels with her, ensuring clients are looked after whether their favourite voice over artist is at home or abroad.

And it's a lot cheaper than you might think!

We're delighted to offer you professionally recorded voice prompts from as little as $150 for the first prompt and $30 for each subsequent prompt making it an easy, affordable way for you to start greeting your clients on the right foot with a professionally sounding phone system!

Here's some examples of the prompts we could be doing for you

Gael Ludlow

Gael Ludlow is an international voice artist, musician and vocal coach. She's a professional voice over artist and broadcaster with over 30 years experience in New Zealand radio and recording studios.